Local Business Taxes

Business Tax and Home Occupation Applications

Local Business Tax Application Procedures

  1. A local business tax is required if you represent to the public goods or services for a fee.
  2. An application for an local business tax may be obtained in these ways:
    1. At City Hall in Safety Harbor, 750 Main Street, Safety Harbor, Florida 34695
    2. Call us at 727-724-1515 or email at ebpermits@cityofsafetyharbor.com and an application will be mailed to you
    3. Download and print applications from the links above
  3. Home business tax applications (PDF) will be routed to the Zoning Official for approval. All other applications will be routed to Zoning, Building, and Fire Officials for approval.
  4. Once approved, business owner will be notified in writing. Your payment may be mailed or you may pay in person at City Hall (fees are based on type of occupation).
  5. When fees are received and processed, the local business tax will be mailed within a week.
  6. Renewal notices are mailed annually in July.
  7. Business tax receipts are sold beginning August 1st of each year and due on or before September 30th of each year, and expire on September 30th of the succeeding year. If September 30th falls on a weekend or holiday, the tax is due on or before the first working day following September 30th.
  8. Receipts that are delinquent are subject to a penalty.
  9. For business tax payment options, click here.

Starting a New Business

For more information regarding starting a new business in Safety Harbor, pleas visit the link below: